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Company Profile

Established in 1961, HOGGAN Health Industries, Inc. manufactures and markets commercial wellness equipment, as well as medical and industrial diagnostic tools. Our inimitable product offering includes our HOGGAN Sprint line of cardiovascular and circuit training equipment, HOGGAN MicroFET diagnostic tools and The Blankenship Systems FCE product line. This industry renowned product offering can be found in numerous wellness centers, medical centers, corporations and universities worldwide. We strive to lead the way with our innovations, designs and manufacturing expertise.

Our Mission

HOGGAN Health Industries, Inc., a third generation company, is built on a foundation of more than forty years of revolutionary design, engineering and expertise. We are committed to improving the health and well-being of our clients worldwide.

Our Heritage

His name was B. Dean Hoggan, founder of HOGGAN Health Industries, Inc. From his days as a decorated soldier and an expert machinist, he learned the meaning of hard work and integrity. Dean's words still echo true to this day; "Integrity is everything! My word is my word and my name is my bond." His passion and ideals are what guide us into our third generation. HOGGAN Health Industries, Inc. remains on the forefront of design, innovation and manufacturing. Today, you are able to see Dean's vision and integrity in our products and in our people.

"Integrity is everything!"

- B. Dean Hoggan